Collaborative Work

Benjamin Moore and Louis Mueller began a collaborative relationship that began in 1987. They share a similar design sensibility and aesthetic. They bring to their collaboration technical expertise in their chosen mediums, glass and metal. The work is simple yet sophisticated, often very subtle but at times bold in color and form. Moore has been making glass since the early 1970s, creating objects for galleries worldwide. For decades, Mueller has created works in metal, ranging from jewelry to bronze sculptures and architectural installations. He too has enjoyed recognition for his work both nationally and internationally. Their mutual fascination with the interaction of glass and light, form and design, has lead them to create numerous collaborative works.

When Moore and Mueller first started working together over 25 years ago, they focused exclusively on Lighting. Their mutual fascination with the interaction of light and glass, form and design, has lead them to create numerous lighting fixtures including floor lamps, pendants, wall sconces, and chandeliers. Recently, they have created chandelier like objects (hanging ceiling sculptures) that do not necessarily have a light source coming from within. Over the years, more site-specific lighting commissions have been created for both public and private settings.

The Wall Compositions have been done over the past 15 years. The Modernists and other turn-of-the-century art movements have had a strong influence on these works (such as the De Stijl movement and the Wiener Werkstätte and their artists). Addressing geometric form, primary and minimal color, has been the focus of this body of work. The metal in these works is an integral design element, not just a support for the glass.

Site-specific Commissions have been created both nationally and internationally. With clients from both corporate and private sectors, public settings that include libraries, restaurants, hotels and residential homes, their expertise has garnered them great respect within the glass arts and architectural communities.