The Interior Fold Series incorporates the technique of folding the glass onto itself. The ancient Romans used this technique as a utilitarian detail in the vessel form, giving the piece added thickness. I use this folding technique as a design or aesthetic element. In this series, I combine this folding technique with a horizontal plane of glass, which is spun out from the fold. The spiral wrap on the horizontal plane emphasizes the circular form. 


The Palla Series was developed and based on the simple spherical form – “palla” is the Italian word for ball. In this series, the sphere functions as the foot of the form as well as the focal point. Contrasting colors, which are usually opaque, are used in this series to draw attention to the contrasting geometric elements. These forms are created generally in pairs, accentuating the horizontal and vertical lines. However, the bowl does stand strongly on it’s own.


In the Exterior Fold Series, I use a similar technique to that used in the Interior Fold Series. The difference being the Exterior Fold creates a hollow ring on the outside of the piece that is generally used as the breaking point in the form. These pieces are generally displayed in groupings. Colors for this series vary from subtle to bold and are most often translucent.